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Thursday . 1 June . 2023

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Massive Security Lapse: T-Mobile hit by ANOTHER hack in the same year!

03-05-2023 Tech
Massive Security Lapse: T-Mobile hit by ANOTHER hack in the same year!

Breaking News: T-Mobile Customers' Private Information Compromised in Cyber Attack! A skilled hacker successfully breached T-Mobile's security measures and accessed the personal data of countless customers between February and March. Stay informed on this developing story as more details emerge!

T-Mobile has unfortunately suffered another data breach. According to a recent disclosure, a hacker was able to get their hands on the personal data of hundreds of customers from late February to March 2023. T-Mobile stated that the stolen information includes sensitive details such as full names, dates of birth, addresses, contact information, government IDs, social security numbers, and T-Mobile account pins. The company has sent out notification letters to those affected on April 28th, informing them of the breach and the potential risks involved. This is a concerning development, and T-Mobile is working diligently to resolve the issue and prevent any further security breaches.


T-Mobile Discovers Data Breach Affecting 836 Customers, Investigation Ongoing

The company hasn't told us how the hacker was able to get into their computer systems. However, they did notify the Maine attorney general's office that 836 customers were affected by the data breach. T-Mobile only realized this had happened on March 27th.

T-Mobile has taken action to protect the users affected by the security breach by resetting their account pins.

T-Mobile says that the recent security breach did not involve any personal financial information or call records. However, to make sure that the affected users are safe, T-Mobile has taken steps such as resetting their account pins, which are used by customers to prove their identity when making changes to their accounts. Moreover, T-Mobile is providing two years of credit monitoring and identity theft detection services free of charge to the affected customers. This information was first reported by Bleeping Computer.

T-Mobile has acknowledged the security breach and expressed their commitment to improve their safeguards to prevent unauthorized access in the future. In a letter addressed to the affected account holders, T-Mobile apologized for the incident and emphasized that they take these issues very seriously. They also reassured the users that they are taking further measures to enhance the security of their information.


T-Mobile has recently disclosed its ninth data breach since 2018. This year, they have already reported two breaches, including one in which data from 37 million accounts was leaked between November 2022 and January 2023. Although the number of users impacted in the latest breach is comparatively lower, the information obtained could still be used for identity theft. T-Mobile had also reported data breaches in January, August, and December of 2021.

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