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Thursday . 1 June . 2023

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Custodia Bank Set to Launch Bitcoin Custody Services, Reveals CEO Caitlin Long

18-05-2023 Crypto HOT NEWS
Custodia Bank Set to Launch Bitcoin Custody Services, Reveals CEO Caitlin Long

Discover the latest breakthrough in the world of cryptocurrencies as Custodia Bank, a leading Wyoming-based institution, unveils its upcoming Bitcoin custody services. CEO Caitlin Long revealed the exciting news during a panel discussion at Bitcoin 2023. Explore how this development enhances the security and accessibility of digital assets for investors.

In an exciting development for the crypto industry, Custodia Bank, a Wyoming-based special purpose depository institution, announced its upcoming launch of Bitcoin custody services. During a panel at Bitcoin 2023, CEO Caitlin Long shared the news, highlighting the importance of segregating asset custody from management for certain businesses. With its 60-day advance notice issued in April, Custodia Bank is preparing to offer secure Bitcoin custody to its clients.


Wyoming's Crypto-Friendly Environment

Formerly known as Avanti, Custodia Bank has been at the forefront of providing comprehensive financial services for customers with digital assets since 2020. As a Wyoming-chartered special purpose depository institution (SPDI), it was among the first institutions to register under the state's crypto-friendly laws. This move further solidifies Wyoming's reputation as a crypto hub, embracing innovative solutions in the digital asset space.


Balancing Traditional and Crypto Finance

Caitlin Long, a prominent figure in the crypto community, emphasized the coexistence of traditional and crypto financial systems. She expressed her desire for both systems to develop and interconnect without causing mutual destruction. While Custodia Bank expands its offerings in the crypto realm, Long's perspective reflects the need for harmony and cooperation between the two domains.


Legal Battle with the Federal Reserve

Custodia Bank's journey hasn't been without challenges. The institution is currently involved in a lawsuit against the Federal Reserve, contesting its treatment during the membership application process and access to a master account. Gaining approval would grant Custodia Bank access to the Fedwire network, which handles an enormous volume of transactions. The prolonged delay prompted the bank to take legal action, asserting that the Federal Reserve's behavior violated the law.


A Critical Eye on the Federal Reserve

During the panel, Long criticized the Federal Reserve's actions during the wave of bank collapses in March. She highlighted the discrepancy between the Fed's anti-crypto speech, boasting about the absence of bank runs in Fed-supervised banks, while a bank run was occurring. This criticism adds to Long's history of calling out the Federal Reserve and questioning its inaction.



Custodia Bank's imminent launch of Bitcoin custody services is an important milestone for the crypto industry, providing institutional-grade solutions for the safe storage of digital assets. With a focus on regulatory compliance and a commitment to serving its clients, Custodia Bank aims to bridge the gap between traditional finance and the emerging crypto landscape. As the legal battle with the Federal Reserve unfolds, it will be interesting to observe the impact on Custodia Bank's operations and the broader crypto ecosystem.

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